The Rise Of The American Revolution

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1. Eighteenth-century colonial population growth- From 1700 to 1775 the colonies experienced a population growth from 250,000 people to 2.5 million people by the beginning of the American Revolution. There were factors to this great population increase. The factors include natural increase because the colonists were living longer and their children were having children, an influx of immigrants from Ireland and Germany, and the increased immigration of African American slaves. 2. The First Great Awakening- In the 1720’s Church membership was declining as more rational thinking, and scientific advancements were being made. So Puritans like Johnathon Edwards and George Whitefield helped revive religion with new thinking. This awakening…show more content…
Fighting didn’t just occur in North America it was a global war as well fought in Europe and the Caribbean islands. The British were able to defeat the French in this war. essentially take the majority of the land that France had had in North America except for two small islands off the coast of Nova Scotia. Spain gained the Louisiana territory as a result of fighting in the war. 5. Treaty of Paris/Peace of Paris 1763- The British were victorious in the war and gained all the land in North America that France had. Spain received the Louisiana territory because the British didn’t want it and weren’t going to let the French keep it. 6. The Proclamation of 1763- After the victory Britain declared that all the land west of the Appalachian mountains could not be settled until they made treaties with the natives living in those regions. This caused the colonists to become angry because they wanted to settle the areas west of the Appalachian Mountains and this is what caused tension to rise between the colonies and England. 7. Individual representation- When Parliament imposed taxes to try to pay off the massive wartime debt the colonists refused to because they claimed they didn’t have representation in Parliament. This was true there was no single person in Parliament representing the colonies , but the representation was never wanted because the colonies would be outvoted on matters by parliament. 8. Virtual
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