The Rise Of The Assyrian Empire

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The Assyrian empire was a powerful one, maybe too powerful. Enforcement of government rule was harsh and was followed through upon. As the empire gained power, the Assyrians wanted more, which then led to more land empowered, which led to more people under Assyrian rule, which in turn resulted in more rules. More power led to harsher rule. More power then led to new advancements and technology in weapons. Harsh punishments and treatment of civilians led to the fall of the Assyrian Empire. The Assyrian Empire 's fall was brought upon by an internal rebellion of the Medes and Babylonians, a direct cause of the harsh treatment of the people the Assyrians ruled upon. First off, the history of the Assyrian Empire isn 't exact; a lot is…show more content…
Relocating of a mass number of people made revolting against the Assyrians much harder, and the people who are relocated are sent to areas where they can be used as labor to make a profit for the empire.

Relocation was very vital to the early success of the empire, so much so that the people who were being relocated weren 't really treated as slaves. Historian Karen Radner on the deportation policy in Assyria stated, "The deportees, their labor and their abilities were extremely valuable to the Assyrian state, and their relocation was carefully planned and organized. We must not imagine treks of destitute fugitives who were easy prey for famine and disease: the deportees were meant to travel as comfortably and safely as possible in order to reach their destination in good physical shape. Whenever deportations are depicted in Assyrian imperial art, men, women and children are shown traveling in groups, often riding on vehicles or animals and never in bonds." She then goes on to say that the pictures and all evidence in artwork from the time depict visions of non-harmful journeys. The people getting relocated were treated as good as soon to be slaves could be. This was mainly done in order to keep workers healthy who may be going through a lot of physical labor in the near future. Nonetheless, the conquering was very harsh. Conquered towns and villages valuables would be taken,
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