The Rise Of The Century King Cyrus And Emperor Constantine

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Devotional Transformation When you compare the rise of arguably two of the greatest rulers in history King Cyrus and Emperor Constantine you will discover that these two historical leaders dramatically influenced the change of direction for Judaism and Christianity. There are some scholars who would argue that these two ruler’s conversions to god was not sincere and they were just political masterminds. Either way Cyrus and Constantine are two central figures in Judaism and Christianity, two of the world’s major organized religions. Cyrus and Constantine took over many lands and built their huge empires on a religious foundation through their autonomous military, economic policies and religious fanaticisms. King Cyrus of the Persian Empire and Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire seized control over neighboring cities with their military strength and later introduce their new religious policies onto the inhabitants living in the land. There is little known about Cyrus early life up until he became King of Persia after his father’s death. According to ancient historians, King Astyages of the Median Empire, Cyrus grandfather was told in a dream that his grandson would become King of Persia and overthrow him. Astyages king of the Median Empire ordered his officials to kill his grandson because of this dream, but the official delegated with this task gave the young boy to his mother and allowed them to live in exile. When Cyrus became older he revolted against his

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