The Rise Of The Crusades

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The crusades was a very important thing in history that not only affected the Western era, but the entire world. The crusades can be the event that is accredited with the way that society looks at “holy wars” or wars of religion. Reasons for the crusades are the threat that the Turks presented to Christian territories, massive spread of Christianity, and for pilgrimage (completing God’s will). The Turks presented a huge threat to Christians. Muslims were set out on conquest of Christian territories. Although the Byzantium’s were able to hold on important regions Greece and Asia Minor the Turks did capture much of Byzantium land. To add to all of this the Turks “destroyed some churches … and seized pilgrims.” (page 6) Of coarse the Byzantium was not okay with this. Pope Gregory VII made plans early in 1074 to ride up against the Turks. He saw the Byzantium invasions as the “perfect opportunity to employ Europe’s warriors in the service of God.” (page 6) The spread of Christianity can partly be credited to Pope Urban II. Pope Urban II lifelong goals was to reform the Catholic Church. In 1095 Alexius I Comenus was in battle with the Turks and requested aid to help him defeat them. This request was just what Pope urban II needed so that he could follow his goal. Pope Urban II created the Council of Clermont on November 27, 1095. He called that the Christians stand up and fight together for the freedom of other Christians. Pope Urban II said, “The Christians in … of Muslim rule.”
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