The Rise Of The First Crusade

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The First Crusade was organized in 1096 by the decision of Pope Urban II at the request of Byzantine Emperor Alexius I with the aim of helping the Eastern Christians in the defense of Anatolia (Asia Minor) from the onset of the Seljuks. During the campaign, further objective turned out to be the liberation of the holy city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the Muslims. Initially, the Pope`s appeal was addressed only to the French knights, but, later, the Crusade turned into a full-scale military campaign, and its idea spread to all the Christian states of Western Europe. The feudal lords and the common people of all nationalities moved to the East freeing the western part of Asia Minor from Seljuk Turks` control and eliminating the Muslim threat to the Byzantine Empire. Already in July 1099 Jerusalem was conquered by the knights.
The idea of the First Crusade in particular, and the whole crusading movement as a whole took its roots in the situation that prevailed in Western Europe at the end of the early Middle Ages. After the division of the Carolingian Empire and the conversion of the Hungarians and the Vikings to Christianity, relative stability settled down. However, over the past few centuries, all over Europe, a class of warriors was formed which had to use their strength in internecine conflicts. The First Crusade was the perfect way to apply military potential of numerous armies.
In addition, the Middle East was the region where Christianity originated: in this
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