The Rise Of The Media

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Throughout human existence, there has been a fascination to be “healthy,” and this has been especially true within the past decade or so. The rise of the media’s influence has connected people globally. As a result, especially in industrialized countries, veganism has become more popular. Although the trend to be “healthy” has always been popular with people as a whole, it is especially prevalent among women. An aspect of this phenomena is that what is preserved as “healthy” changes over time, and does not always align with what the media considers to be “healthy.” Therefore, the World Health Organization’s most recent classification of health is, “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (Üstün & Jakob, 2009). When there are several tends and fad-diets occurring, it is important for women to maintain a truly healthy lifestyle, and to do so it is necessary for them to eat meat.
Traditionally, women have eaten meat for thousands of years. As a civilization, humans have eaten meat since the time of hunters and gatherers thousands of years ago; according to the World Health Organization, meat consumption globally has increased substantially in our modern age by “20%” over the past fifty years (Fairlie, 2008). In many cases, it is customary to eat meat: an example is roasting a turkey on Thanksgiving. The turkey has become synonymous with the holiday for many. In comparison, veganism is a more recent…
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