The Rise Of The Medieval Period

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The “Medieval period was the period of invasions, battles and wars, which gave rise to the feeling that population growth is necessary to survive and to defend. It was a common belief that who will carry the weapons, if men are lacking? Man was considered as the best wealth.” (Hussain pg. 100) From the 5th century to the 15th century, a part of the population had a reason to justify their population growth and that was to increase population size in order to win battles and wars. In the 21st century, a part of the population justifies population growth in order to maintain a standard way of living while others due so to stay alive. Malthus was not able to see this need behind the population growth, however, and that is why I believe that Harvey is able to understand where the people and their ideologies are coming from.
Population growth is vital for the world to grow, no pun intended, but for it to become a better place for everybody and everything. The key to this is not to limit the growth with ‘preventive’ and ‘positive’ checks,” (Hussain pg.101) but to learn to maintain a steady balance with the human population and the environment. The key is to reach “a state of harmony between men and land,” (Leopold, pg. 243) to be able to conserve the land for today and for tomorrow. The way we handle our Earth depends on us, but the way the growth in population continues to grow will be with or without consent of Malthus, society, economy, or positive checks. The issue with
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