The Rise Of The Middle 19th Century Germany

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In the middle 19th century Germany was going through difficult changes. Germany was going through a change of leadership and a change in the economy during this time (“History of Germany”). Many great men and women decided to make the great journey to a new nation to make a name for themselves and their families. Marianne Kim is my fourth great grandmother arrived from Germany in the 19th century to New Orleans, Louisiana with her family. To get to America they went from Baden, Germany to Le Havre, France from there they got on the boat and started there long journey to America. Once in America she started to live her new life and in 1838 she married her husband John Teufel Devil Harvey. Four months later there first son was born. Over the next fifteen years she had eight more children, Elizabeth, Marin, Rosanna, George, Mary, Joseph, Catherine, and Celestine. Out of the nine children Elizabeth and Martin died in 1850. In 1853 during the birth of her youngest Celestine Marianne died. Marianne’s fifth born daughter Mary went on married Edward F. Schilling. Edward F. Schilling was born in 1847 in the town of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany where he stayed until 1853 where he traveled to the United States at the age of four becoming one of the first Schillings in America and found himself in Cambria County. In 1870 he married his wife Mary. In the next twenty years they had four children, Clara, Charles, Leo, and Colletta. For about the next twenty years his family lived in

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