The Rise Of The Middle Class

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Almost every American adults in the United States of America has to fill out a tax return to see if those still owe the government some money, or if those will get some back from the government. A recurring thought in the mind of many of these adults is,” How can my taxes be this high”. The middle class is supposed to be living comfortably and not have to live their lives worrying about money. But, in today’s United States the middle class has to worry about money every single day. The upper class is almost being penalized for earning too much money based on the percentages that they have to hand over to the government. The businesses that once were able to create jobs are now having to cut jobs because of the astronomical percentages…show more content…
But, once the golden days were over in the 1920s and the 1930s set in, the taxes once again had to be raised because of the Great Depression and the need for the government to have many social programs ("Introduction to Tax Reform"). Then in the 1960s the tax for individuals was dropped. But, once again these taxes had to be raised because of inflation in the 1970s. During the years of 1981 and 1986 taxes were both lowered in these years because of good economic standing for the United States. But once again in the 1990s, taxes were once again raised ("Introduction to Tax Reform"). These opposers say that a tax reform will not solve any problems. Another problem with tax reform is all the question marks and controversies of changing the tax code. People believe that certain items and capital should be taxed and certain items should not be taxed. Then there are those people who believe they should or should not have to pay a certain percentage. There is the disagreements in which way the taxes should be use ("Introduction to Tax Reform"). These are the points that the opposers of a tax reform support, but now tax reform changes would be best for the people and businesses of the United States of America. Tax reform is needed for the future of the United States. There have been many instances in American history where tax reform lowered taxes, and helped boost the economy. The first reform happened in 1986 and was called the Reagan tax cuts. Reagan also believed in

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