The Rise Of The Oil Of Oil, Money, And Power

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In this world, there are pointless wars going on for oil, money, and power. Pointless economic wars throughout the countries going on and for what? The government has been providing only a fraction of the free energy sources they have to keep the oil field booming: and to make matters worse, corporate cities are watching as the president and foreign countries scam the U.S. citizens and continue to destroy the earth with harmful chemicals, while individuals continue to attempt to prove conspiracy after conspiracy because nobody is standing up to oil industries destroying our planet. There are multiple countries sabotaging all of the world’s oil prices. This means there are multiple conspiracies to why the oil energy is plummeting. For one,…show more content…
So who is the real culprit here? There have been multiple reports that Obama has colluded with the Arabians to flood the Global Market with oil in order to bring down the U.S. shale oil industry. Since the shale oil is the development of renewable energy and doesn’t allow the cut of Green House Emission reports believe that Obama is trying to destroy anti-environmentalist projects across the state. Basically what our own President of the United States is doing is trying to keep our “allies” happy with billions of dollars while destroying our environment. Internationally, bankers disrupt the flow of oil into the lower 48 states which then causes oil to be sent off to Asia and The Pacific. This behavior only skyrockets the price of oil in the U.S... If America wanted to we could be independently ran off of coal and oil production and be isolationist. This means we wouldn’t have to go into economic wars and spend countless money on exports and imports. But that is not the case. People believe that Obama wants higher gas prices in order for people to pay more. The POTUS was asked about oil prices and his response was “I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment.” (Miglio). The U.S. is supposedly tapping into an oil reserve with only enough oil to supply the U.S. for 35 days. But why would they be doing this if they are getting 25 million gallons of oil PER DAY from Canada? Global Head of Chief from Energy Analysis says’ this is the most
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