The Rise Of The Railroad System

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At the start of every great advancement in society it is society itself that fails to realize the negative repercussions the advancement might bring. While the rise of the railroad system through Texas gave plenty of beneficial attributes, from faster transportation of goods and services to expansion of Texan towns, which helped boom our population, it would seem that a number of things would be drawbacks leading to the termination of many Texan ideologies.The railroad system stemmed throughout Texas allowed many walks of life a deeper view of the ‘Great Lone Star’ state. While people from different ends of the country came seeking new life others came seeking new fortune which lead to the demise of cowboys, instillation of cattle drives, and the Postbellum cattle boom. In order to understand the negative attributes that the railroad brought we must go back and bring our attention to the beginning which includes the original cowboys.
Despite the many riveting TV dramas that paint cowboys as fast men who love faster women we now know in order to be historically accurate, we would have to trade these Clint Eastwood fairy tales for less exciting ones of cowboys who were smelly lonely men who had no serious work skills. These men would consist of workers who were generally under the age of twenty that made 30-40$ a month. During this time period they would walk with and behind cattle for up to six weeks ensuring safe passage to these insanely stupid creatures. When the
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