The Rise Of The Roman Empire

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Question2: Travel started to develop as a business many years ago. This industry began, when the ancient and rich inhabitants of Phoenicia, Rome, Egypt, Greece, and China; out of curiosity and a sense of adventure, about their surroundings, began to travel. Today tourism is a billionaire industry that serves the needs and wants of millions of domestic and international tourists. There is no doubt, that capitalism has played an active role in the developing of this powerful enterprise. However, when this business began, only the rich populations were able to enjoy their summers on the coasts and countryside. As these powerful people continue traveling, their servants have to cater for their patrons travel and accommodations needs and wants. As the Roman Empire decline, this business endured a backlash. In Central America the Incas had to travel to trade with the different racial groups, which were part of their empires to trade and collect taxes from their peasants. It was not until the Medieval Times, when the pilgrimages began, creating the need of having accommodations, itineraries, and lodging places, throughout the roads that guided them to their sacred places. There is evidence that many wealthy citizens made a tradition to travel several times during the year, to enjoy and relax, while they were visiting their holy shrines. Soon some business opened spring waters and fresh air “spas,” which wealthy men and women used as a center of social gatherings. Later on,
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