The Rise Of The Spartan Empire And Its Women

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Erin Thamm
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May 1, 2015

The Rise of the Spartan Empire and Its Women

A Spartan mother handed her son his shield as he prepared to march off to battle.
She said, “Come back with this or on it.”

Beginning around 490 BC when civilization was ruled largely by men; every man was proven their preeminence within their society based highly on their woman. As stated in the book, “Warrior Ethos,” Leonidas picked the men he did not for their “warrior prowess” but he instead picked them for the courage of their women. Women in the Spartan society were known for their great influence on Spartan men. Their roles as Spartan soldier’s wives were major. Spartan women were strong both physically and mentally, they were well educated and given more freedom than majority of women in the ancient world. Spartan women played a significant role in the rise and fall of the Spartan Empire, though it was small compared to world empires, it was a role that would providing a last impression for generations to follow. This role was based predominantly on their background growing up, their marriage, and how much land they possessed. There was a reason why the women of Sparta were so tough. They grew up in pursuit of physical perfection and self-dependence which had a great advantage over the other women in the different parts of the region. What most people most likely do not know is that, like the boys, girls were educated and trained in the same way as the boys. Spartan…

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