The Rise Of The States : Evolution Of American State Government

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This book, “The Rise of the States: Evolution of American State Government,” by Jon Teaford, is his explanation of how the states have changed positively and negatively throughout the years. Each state has control over their citizens living in the state differently. Teaford addresses these issues in the form of his own discussion and explanations. Teaford begins with a background of the United States and different series of events that unfolded from the mistreatment of the national government to it’s citizens. I enjoyed the quote by Roscoe Drummond, “Our federal system of states no longer exists and has no more chance of being brought back into existence than an apple pie can be put back on the apple tree.” This is a great explanation of how the national government has changed vastly within history.

Teaford writes, “State government and the study of state level leaders and policies had thus become respectable.” Like I stated before, the national government was beginning to fall based upon the quotes listed at the beginning of the book from multiple people working for the government. This quote then explains how the state governments changed from within and spread outward. Like stated after this quote, putrefying state rule returned to life and political scientists were making up for past neglect. Our newer political scientists were reconstructing the bad image that our past historians left for our national government. Teaford also explains how the
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