The Rise Of The Telecommunications Industry

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The rise of the Telecommunications industry, particularly within the last 25 years has been swift and profitable due to the creation of a number of groundbreaking technologies. With the recent movement toward a yearly, or sometimes even monthly rollout of these new technologies, constant innovation has become a necessity in order to remain competitive within this space. Although there are only a few major players that dominate the Telecommunication industry, this does not hinder the ability of new entrants to carve out a corner of the underserved markets and continue to drive innovation. This need for innovation pushes Telecommunications companies to continue to grow, discover, and diversify as they look to implement the corporate and competitive strategies which will help their company to succeed within the industry. Companies often employ a number of corporate level strategies as they look for which strategies will help them to succeed in the industry and set the company apart from their competitors, this is the case with Motorola Solutions Inc (Appendix 1). Motorola looked to diversify their company through investments in startups as well as other emerging companies who’s technology and ideas could benefit Motorola. This was a necessary step for Motorola as they look to stay competitive in the Telecommunications industry which continues to have an intense rivalry in order to drive innovation. They are able to successfully find investments by leveraging their ability to

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