The Rise Of The West

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Kyra Clemons
Dr. Mbajekwe
December 7th, 2016
*Used an online book. The Post-American World
Did you realize that there are more than 25 drifts that changed America? In any case, there are three noteworthy movements that affected the world we live in today; the rise of the West, the rise of the United States of America, and the rise of the rest. The rise of the west was from the fifteenth century until the eighteenth century. It comprised of the Christian transformation, scientific revolution , and the industrial revolution. In the Christian Reformation, there was a detachment amongst chapel and state. Common state was demanded which is the point at which the administration does not have an association with any
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World war 1 and 2 played a big role in lifting the United States of America. The United States has a racially diverse population. There are Whites, African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, and more. There was always a separation of races and we now come together stronger and more positive while working together. That makes our diversity indestructible. Industrialization changed hands on projects into manufacturing projects. Zakaria wrote: "We are now living through the third great power shift of the modern era. It could be called "the rise of the rest."" (Zakaria, 2). This is stating that the rest of the world is rapidly growing economically. It was from the late 20th century until the early 21st century. Countries that were really weak and poor are actually becoming stronger and richer. Things such as buildings and companies outside of the United States are getting larger. All of the hugest creations are no longer in the United States. Poverty is declining gracefully. The poor are becoming less poor and are becoming financially stable in China. We use to live in two polar worlds which is the USA plus USSR. We now live in a multipolar world which is the USA plus the rest. By saying the USA plus the rest, I am explaining it as the rest of the world against the United States of America. In the book, "A related of this new era is the diffusion of power from states to other actors." (Zakaria, 4). Power is shifting away from nation-states. There are many
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