The Rise Of Violent Crime In Canada Essay

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The Rise of Violent Crime In Canada

Violent crime in Canada is on the rise in Canada as well as the types of violent crimes being committed against the public. It has been on the rise for many, many years. I believe and intend to prove in the following essay that it is societies responsibility for the rise of violent crime with their unwillingness and inability to effectively deal with the current trend in our society. In the last few years, a slight dip in violent crime has been noted, but we must view this with skepticism as no official statistics are available.
As well as this could be an example of society realizing that the Criminal
Justice System is not effectively dealing with the trend of violence in Canada.
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Any form of an assault on the person, ranging from sexual assault to Aggravated assault. Robbery,
Homicide, Attempted Homicide, and Manslaughter are all considered violent crimes.
These crimes are committed for a variety of reasons that range from unbelievable to incredible. Some are done for fun, having no real reason at all.
Anger is a major reason for assaults being committed as well as Homicides.
Robbery of a store or mugging of an individual is another reason. As well as pure pre-meditated violence, whether it is a beating or a murder, people use violence to enforce other things that are considered to be valued reasons for violence. In fact many sub-cultures of Canadian culture, such as gangs have developed differing views on crime and see the act of assaulting another individual as a way of settling a dispute and/or argument. A more technical definition would be as follows;

" a crime involves the violation of a norm. Norms are social rules ranging from the important and the binding to the less important and optional.
From which society makes attempts and rules to regulate behaviour in society "

The Importance of the laws are measured by the level of punishments imposed upon the offender and the sanctions in place against the law. An example of this is lying and skipping class are considered to be minor infractions, where as murder is considered to be one of the most atrocious acts that could be committed by a person. Since

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