The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Queen of the Kitchen, Martha Stewart

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To me, this move from a public relations standpoint can be characterized as being impersonal and cold. And then when Martha finally did decide to personally publicly acknowledge the ordeal via her website, she vehemently announced her innocence. This too was a bad move as she left everyone in dark for two long years before posting her messages which in her situation is too long. Overall, I feel that her initial response can be described as being very cold and lacking in multiple areas.

Because Martha Stewart unabashedly lied to everyone directly involved in her trial and also to the millions of people following it (via her website messages), she violated the cardinal rule of public relations: Never ever lie. To make matters worse, she didn't just lie once but she preceded to maintain her lie over and over again during and after her trial. So, she didn't just fail in a legal sense but, perhaps more important to her fans, she failed ethically.

In my opinion, the whole Martha Stewart insider trading fiasco was a situation that required an expertly executed "crisis communication" plan to limit the damage done to her reputation. Her reputation actually depended on it. If I were advising her I would have suggested that the plan or PR strategy include a carefully put together…

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