The Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome When was the last time you looked at a calendar? Did you know you were looking at an invention created in Ancient Rome? Ancient Rome was one of the biggest and greatest empires there was. People might not know about the beginning, the wars, the developments, their life, and the end of the Ancient Rome Rome was started in the eighth century B.C. / 753 B.C. It was started by Romulus in a town by the Timber River. In a legend Romulus and his brother were left in the wild and they were found and raised by a wolf. Romulus killed his brother, then he could become king of Rome. The Roman Empire grew and it came into control of Britain, Asia, northern part of Africa, and some Mediterranean islands. The Romans spoke many languages including Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian. The empire’s religion was Roman Paganism and the believed in many gods. When Christianity came, the romans persecuted them until Constantine, the first roman Christian emperor. There were many wars needed for the Roman Empire to grow so big. The first Roman army was called the Greek Phalanx and there were five ranks. The Greek Phalanx was ended after the Gauls attacked Rome in 390 B.C. The Early Legion was a great army after the Phalanx and had many tactics. Scorpio came and helped that army to outmaneuver the enemy. War times caused the army to change many times. A large battle was the Punic wars between Rome and Carthage. It ended with Rome winning. Gaius Marius
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