The Rise and Fall of Early Civilizations Essay

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All the way from the start of civilization through to the Early Christianity there has been a pantheon of; destruction, recognition, wars, cultural diffusion, religious breakthroughs, laws that have been established, kings and queens crowned and dethroned. The Mesopotamian Civilization it was the land between two rivers the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers that civilization first began. The rise of civilization in 3200 B.C. through 525 B.C That was an act of human creation of the Near Eastern river valleys of Sumer and Egypt. Cuneiform writing in Sumer and the hieroglyphics in Egypt was developed in this time period. Such things as the Code of Hammurabi and the fall of the Assyrian Empire, The Persian wars, assassination of Julius…show more content…
The Hebrews believed that they had a special unique relationship with God; they called themselves “the chosen People”. Prophets played a dominant role in this history. They believe this because they were rescued from Egypt and God wanted them set the examples of righteousness behavior for all to follow. The Prophets are emergence of spiritually inspired people. The profits cared nothing for money or possessions and feared no one and preached without invitations. The prophet said that is was God’s wish to forgive human sins and to renew his relationship with a contrite Israel. The prophets aided in the modeling of the learning that is part of the Western Tradition. They also additional established the Hebrew idea of “moral individuality”. Rejecting parochialism for universalism, the prophets accomplished a profound alertness of human disposition, a conscious commitment to the Law. The prophets said that individuals are responsible for their own actions and this would be the key component to the Western thought. The Greek City-State state started in 1700-1450 B.C Early Aegean Civilization is the term used to denote the Bronze Age civilization that developed. The rise of the Hellenic Civilization was from 1100-800 B.C. this is when the Greek world went
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