The Rise and Fall of Feudalism Essay

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The Rise and Fall of Feudalism Federation is a word that describes the United States government. A Federal government is defined as the act of federalizing or joining separate organizations (Answers 1). In the United States, the three branches of government (1). In the Middle Ages most governments changed and rarely stayed the same for really long periods of time. Many things would happen in each country that would change the type of government that each one had. Especially, during the Middle Ages in Europe, things were changing quickly (Nelson 1). Feudalism was potentially becoming a rapid growing economic and social part of the European lifestyle in the Middle Ages. Feudalism was a word created in the 16th century by royal …show more content…
A Feudal society has civil and military powers at the local level, and it is governed by people of wealth and prestige (2). The total division between private rights and public authority disappeared during this time (3). A Feudal system mainly consisted of Kings, Lords, Knights, and Serfs. There were two classes: nobility and peasantry (International 135). The peasants usually had limited or no social, economic, or political power (135). The Feudal system was based on a constitution, encompassing the obligations and allegiances that bound King to Lord (135). There was a huge expansion of Feudalism followed by a fall. The Feudal system became a main form of social, economic, and political organization in Europe (136). Partially because of its success in providing security and stability, and also its huge promotion by the Catholic Church (136). The economics of Feudalism were based on Christianity and on politics that reflected the justice and piety of the Church (Pluta 1). The power of the church to great wealth overlapped with the expansion of Feudalism (International 136). Feudalism began to decline in parts of Western Europe by the fourteenth century as a result of pressure from a number of like occurrences (136). The Renaissance, The Reformation, and the Industrial Revolution led to significant philosophical, economic, social, and political changes across Western Europe (136). For example, the

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