The Rise and Fall of Kodak Company

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THE PROJECT PAPER 1 The Rise and Fall of Kodak Company Promise Anukem Eastern Nazarene College BS433- Business Policy and Strategy BS 163 December 6, 2011 THE PROJECT PAPER 2 The Kodak Company was founded by George Eastman, an America who was so attracted to still photography and cameras. He saw the Still camera as a fabulous invention, though with reservation that it does need to be modify. According to Eastman, the cameras at his time was bulky, heavy, and not user…show more content…
The manufacturing of dry plates based on this patent technology proved to be a great success. The development of Kodak was been achieved by constant technical innovations and intellectual property protection. Since its founding in 1880, Kodak has lead the global imaging market and been synonymous with cameras and especially film. The development of digital technology greatly cornered the traditional film industry. With the continuous slump of sales of films from 2001, Kodak’s traditional film industry shrank at am annual rate of 8% under the perilous situation, Kodak began to look for breakthroughs, for technological improvement and business diversification. Meanwhile, it rolled up sleeves for strategic transformation. Regardless of kodak’s great success in the film business, it became the biggest obstacle on its road to digitalization. They experienced from a high-profiting period to such a down turn. Both the employees and the company have been through struggles to face and accept the reality. Transformation is not something that happens overnight. They came across all kinds of difficulties in the process; blames from consumers and customers, and challenges from competitors. In 2003,

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