The Rise and Fall of the Electric Car Essay

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E.B. White wrote in “Fro-Joy”, “everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car”, which could not be any truer (White). The first minute and nineteen seconds of the film, Who Killed the Electric Car, reported that “two million new cars are sold in California each year” (Who). As a society, the means of transportation is everything. Buses and trains can be unreliable the only sure way of transporting yourself to point A to point B is with a car. In the United States the automobile addiction is rising, it is recorded that the “national average of 2.28 vehicles per household” (Study). Inflating gas prices, deepening complexity in the Middle East, and aggressive rate of global warming is threatening the lives of generations…show more content…
Rave reviews began to pour in about this new futuristic vehicle. The cars two seated sporty style was attractive to buyers. The monthly cost of leasing the car ranged anywhere from $399 to $549 depending on the buyers location (America). High profile support began to grow, some of owners of the EV1 were as follows; Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Alexandra Paul, Peter Horton, Ed Begley Jr., and Danny De Vito (Who, Why). One may ask however, if they are so great where are they today? The EV1’s life span was cut short, by the big business corporations and government corporations. Why? That’s a good a question, and the answer quite honestly is hard to answer. In President Bush’s 2006 State of the Union Address, the president openly admitted that, “America is addicted to oil” (Who). The first step of breaking any addiction is to confess it; however American’s today seem to be screaming it. Oil companies much like the car companies began to frantically scrabble to save their business from the growing threat. The lack of service and the fact if electric cars were more widely distributed it could potentially “eliminate more than 40% of our gasoline usage”, scared the oil companies (Why). During October 2010 General Motors put their patent rights for the NiMH batteries for sale, shortly after Texaco bought a 60% share (Why). Why would a gasoline corporation want shares in

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