The Rise and Fall of the Roman and Islamic Civilizations

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Early Rome began like many other early civilizations. Sometime between 1,500 and 1,000 B.C.E. groups of warlike people, speaking a common language we refer to as Italic, began moving into the Italian peninsula from across the Adriatic Sean. One of these peoples was the Latins. By 800 B.C.E. the Latins established Seven Hills near the Tiber River. Around this same time the Etruscans moved into present day Italy. The Etruscans turned seven villages into the city of Rome ruled by a monarchy. 509 B.C.E. the Romans overthrew the Etruscan king replacing the monarchy with a republic, in which citizens elect representatives to govern. During this time two social classes clashed for control; the patricians and the plebeians. The patricians were…show more content…
The Roman Empire peaked under the rule of Trajan 98-117 CE. The Pax Romana: Piece and Prosperity reigned for 100 years (96-180 CE). Some of the accomplishments of the time were architectural domes, concrete used in the construction of buildings, arches, aqueducts, roads and bridges, and a system of law. The fall of Rome was most likely caused by a combination of internal and external pressures. One of the external pressures was the Germanic Goths who were increasingly attacking the Northern frontier along the Danube River during the reign of Marcus Aurelious 161-180 CE. Marcus Aurelious died of chicken pox in March of 180 CE and was succeeded by his son Commodus. Commodus disliked the administrative component of being ruler and neglected it which lead to dissatisfaction among the senate. He tried to eliminate this by becoming a dictator, became feared and hated by the senate. His sister and conspirators attempted assassination in 182, ten years later he was strangled in his tub. This demonstrates the political unrest in the late period of Roman rule. By the 3rd Century plagues and increasing economic autonomy in the vast empire made it unmanageable. Emperor Diocletion thought the way to save the empire was to spit it into Eastern and Western halves. The Eastern Empire consisted of Anatolia, Syria, Egypt, and Greece. The western empire consisted of Italy, Gaul, Spain, Britain, and North Africa. Constantius was co-ruler in the eastern
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