Essay on The Rise and Reign of Emperor Augustus

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On the 23rd of September 63BC a baby boy was born. Little did his family know that this amazing child was going to be one of the greatest politicians in Rome, he was also going to touch the lives of many Roman Citizens and to be remembered by thousands of people many years after his death. He was to rule an empire that stretched from Spain to Judea. Turn the Mediterranean Sea into a peaceful Roman Lake and was eventually to be worshipped as a god. The future Emperor of Rome was called Gaius Julius Octavious, whom we all know now as Augustus.

In this section I will be analysing how Octavian/Augustus rose to become the first Emperor of Rome and his reign thereafter. I will also be looking at how he gained his position and what being and
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At the time of Julius Caesar’s assassination Octavian was planning to take a senior military role in the Parthian expedition of 44BC. He was with the army at Apollonia, in what is now Albania and was only eighteen at the time, which made his rivals consistently underestimate him and his abilities. After hearing of Caesars death he started to head back to Rome, learning on the way that he was now Caesar’s new adopted son and heir (as written in Caesars will). In his will Caesar has named Octavian as his successor and has left him three quarters of his estate, he also acquired the name Gaius Iulius Caesar Octavious, Caesar’s slaves, including secretarial staff and those who handled finances

Augustus raised a force of 3000 men from his “Father’s” veterans. But among the supporters of Caesar, Octavian also had a natural opponent - Mark Antony, the dictator's trusted lieutenant. Mark Antony was not at all like Octavian. He was a lot more attractive and physically stronger. Octavian had called upon Antony for help and support but was disappointed to find that he was jealous because Octavian had been named heir rather than himself.

However, in the year 43BC after a period of unstableness in Rome, Octavian and Antony came to the realisation that they needed to make a political alliance. Thus creating the Second Triumvirate, after the first which included Julius Caesar,
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