The Rise of Anxiety Disorder Essay

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As the world leaps into the future, it seems that mental illness is becoming more of a problem among many people. One of the most common types of illness's among the current population is anxiety disorders. It is evident that there is a rise of anxiety disorder among the Western World. There are three main factors that contribute to this, they include our education system, technology and media, and the treatment and decreasing criticism anxiety patients receive. In recent years, it has become a well noted fact that the education system has become in many ways tougher, for better or for worse. Nevertheless, for anyone susceptible to an anxiety disorder, school often aggravates their symptoms. Today over 10 per-cent of European and…show more content…
The unreasonable quantity of time a child spends in school limits their freedom to grow as individual and relax. As well, one can infer that the testing system “is almost designed to produce anxiety and depression” (Psychology Today: The Decline of Play and the Rise of Children's Mental Disorders). In addition, some psychologist have noticed a trend of high-achieving students expressing a strong reluctance to attend class because of anxiety, this is becoming common among high school students. Psychologists have referred to this as “school refusal” (Points of View: THE NEW WORRY EPIDEMIC). For students, there is an on-going pressure to get high grades; in that sort of high pressure environment, anxiety is inevitable. In the past 20 years there has been a technological revolution and although it has made some aspects of life easier, it has also contributed to a great amount of stress. The media has been a major growth industry in this revolution, one cannot avoid the excessive advertisements and negative news that it presents. Furthermore, the media create's unrealistic idealization for the average person, especially for women. The media is a major contributor to anxiety among the general population. When one is constantly bombarded with a collection of unrealistic ideals such as the latest smart phone, the latest clothes and the perfect body, it prepares one for an inescapable and great amount of pressure (Psychology
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