Essay about The Rise of Colonies and the Causes of Revolutions

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The Rise of Colonies and the Causes of Revolutions Imperialism is known as taking over the political and military aspects of a territory and colonialism is the movement of a large amount of people from their home area to the newly seized region. Imperialism usually occurs first over an area and then comes the colonialism period of the newly apprehended territory (Soomo, 2013a). Discussion Discovery of North America occurred in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. There were already millions of Native Americans living in this newly discovered land; however, that did not stop the Europeans from coming over shortly after the discovery to claim the area as their own. Spain, France, and England were the primary invaders of the land and each of…show more content…
The Pueblo Indians defeated the Spanish in 1607 by killing 400 people and taking back their land (Soomo, 2013e). Another Native American group called the Powhatan that dominated most of the Chesapeake area had cooperated with the new inhabitants of what was then known as Jamestown through the diplomatic relations between their Chief and Captain John Smith who was originally sent there to help the hungry settlers of the area. However, once John Smith died, the Powhatan rebelled against the settlers and tried to shove back the empire. Other Native Americans worked with the French settlers and helped them with trading fur (Soomo, 2013f). There have been numerous revolutions over the years with some of them being violent while others were non-violent. One of the most prominent violent revolutions is the American Revolution. This was a war of independence between the American colonies and Britain and it was filled with many protests with countless lives lost in the numerous battles all around the colonies. Tensions had been building for a decade between the colonists and the British authorities before the war actually began, and the war itself lasted almost a decade. This war was a civil war until the French stepped in on the colonists’ side, then it became known as an international conflict. The war did not last much longer once the French did step in and the Americans had finally won their independence from Britain (A+E
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