The Rise of Filipino Nationalism

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Chapter 5 STRUGGLE FOR RIGHTS AND FREEDOM 1. Revolt of Lakandula and Soliman (1574) Lakandula and Soliman decided to rise in arms. They proclaimed their revolt and gathered in Navotas. Cause: Lavezaris’s reversal of Legazpi’s policy of excempting the native rulers from tributes 2. First Pampanga Revolt (1585) Some brave Pampangueño leaders connived w/ the people of Manila and the Borneans. The leaders were arrested abd executed w/out any fair trial. Cause Abuses of the Encomenderos 3. The Tondo/Maharlika conspiracy (1587-88) was a plot against Spanish colonial rule by the datus of Manila and some towns of Bulacan and Pampanga. It was led by Agustin de Legazpi, nephew of Lakandula, and his first cousin, Martin Pangan.The…show more content…
The Spanish authorities reviewed the demands of the natives and required the alcalde-mayor of Pangasinan to resign. The people of Pangasinan continued their resistance nonetheless, but they finally defeated in March, 1764. 14. Revolt of Gumapos (1661) Continuation of Malong’s Revolt Pedro Gumapos and his troop of Zambals killed many Spaniards in Ilocos. 400 rebels were slain and Gumapos himself was hanged in Vigan. 15. Almazan Revolt (January 1661) Cause Personal ambitions led by Don Pedro Almazan, illustrious and wealthy leader from San Nicolas, Laoag, Ilocos Norte. The letters sent by Don Andres Malong ("King of Pangasinan") narrating the defeat of the Spaniards in his area and urging other provinces to rise in arms failed to obtain any support among the natives. During the revolt, Don Pedro Almazan auto-proclaimed himself "King of Ilocos", but was later captured and executed. 16. Revolt of Tapar, Panay (1663) Cause Found a New Religion under a Native Supervision Tapar attracted many followers w/ his stories about his frequent conversations w/ a demon. They were killed in a bloody fught against the Spanish. 17. Revolt of Dagohoy, Bohol (1744-1849) Cause Refusal to give his brother a Christian burial * Bcoz he died in a duel * No proper limosnas, church offerings * Body was left decompoding for 3 days 18. Revolt of Silang (1762-63) Causes his imprisonment, abusive govt. officials, heavy taxation Silang was killed
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