The Rise of Organized Crime in the United States Essays

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Organized crime has been around since the 1880’s. It was not until the 1920’s that organized crime began to develop into a bigger problem. Following the victory of Allied Forces during World War I, more and more immigrants began to immigrate into the United States. Some of these immigrants would become the leaders of crime organizations. The “Noble Experiment” would also help organized crime to gain momentum. Criminals were able to provide the people with something they wanted, and with alcohol being illegal, they were able to make smuggling into a big business. The rise of organized crime began, due to the recent waves of immigrants from Europe, and also that the United States tried to limit the consumption of alcohol.…show more content…
Up until the 1890’s, the prohibition/temperance movement had made no significant gains. All of this would change with the creation of the Anti-Saloon League. The goals of this group were to oppose the saloon and the all of the impacts that it had upon communities. As Saloons had developed, they indorsed criminal activities such as gambling and prostitution. John Marshall Baker stated that, “The Chief cause of crime is chargeable to the saloon. It deals out poisonous intoxicants that help to create and develop the criminal propensities… The Saloon pollutes the moral and social atmosphere of every community it touches.” (qtd in Nishi 19-23) As these goals were more widely accepted by the public, the ASL moved to a different goal, the banning of alcohol all together. The ASL would begin to support politicians who were “dry,” meaning that they did not support the consumption of alcohol. By backing politicians who were against alcohol, the ASL was able to influence local elections. As a result, 30 states went dry between 1907 and 1919. As these events happened, the ASL would begin to promote a movement for national prohibition, hoping that this would put an end to crime. The movement for National Prohibition began with a resolution to the Constitution that was suggested at the ASL’s

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