Essay The Rise of Starbucks

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The Rise of Starbucks The Starbucks Corporation has enjoyed phenomenal growth since its early days in 1971 as a quaint coffee shop in Seattle, Washington. The rise of Starbucks can be directly attributed to the following factors; the emphasis placed on product quality, high employee standards, and creating the perfect cup of coffee. How a small idea became a huge business. Growing up in Brooklyn Howard Schultz had no aspirations. His only goal was to escape the struggles his working-class parents lived every day (Schultz 107). Eventually, Schultz discovered his talent for sales, and was hired by a Swedish housewares corporation. By age 28, he was vice president in charge of sales in the United States. He has an excellent salary, a…show more content…
When it comes to welcoming new employees Schultz makes sure he tells all new employees how delighted his is to have them aboard, even though he has to do so by video, since the coffee giant recruits roughly 500 people a month for its approximately 26,000 person staff. Even part time workers called “partners” repeatedly hear how much they are valued during the 24 hours of training they undertake in their first 80 hours of employment (Reese 1). The company puts much emphasis on the rules employees must follow, including a focus on employee self esteem (2). Partners are encouraged to share their feelings: about selling, about coffee, about working for Starbucks. Starbucks is a company with lots of rules and partners must memorize them (Reese 192). During the employees orientation they are introduced to the so-called “Star Skills”, three guidelines for how to behave on the job. First, to maintain and enhance self- esteem. Second, to listen and acknowledge. Third, to ask for help (194). Starbucks is a smashing success, thanks in large part to the people who work there. One employee has permanently removed her tongue stud because it didn’t confirm to the dress code; every day she covers her 4 tattoos. The company has turned tattooed kids into managers of $80,000 a year cafés (190). Starbucks really does treat its partners well. They pay between $6 and $8 an hour which is better than most food service jobs
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