The Rise of WikiLeaks was both necessary and inevitable ¨Reality is an aspect of property, it

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The Rise of WikiLeaks was both necessary and inevitable

¨Reality is an aspect of property, it must be seized, and investigative journalism is the noble art of seizing reality back from the powerful¨(Assange 59), thus spoke Julian Assange, the praised and hated founder of Wikileaks. A Wikileaks, a non-profit international organization founded in 2006, definitely opened a new dimension of journalism by releasing information that should not be banned from the public in the name of the American idea of greater democracy. The citizens deserve to know the truth regardless of how damaging it might be. An analysis of organization's background reveals why the Wiki-Leaks' rise was inevitable based on: content of major classified
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The British newspaper The Guardian has been given an early access to classified data in order to adjust them to article patterns so the readers could have been able to read through the leaks and fully understand the real meaning of the information provided. According to Assange, The Guardian after 9/11 has been the only truthful news source in America and by persecuting corrupt politicians and illustrating a war in a true non idealized way, it represented a good solution for exposure of sensitive data. The infamous group of hackers, the Anonymous also played a significant role in Wiki-Leaks. As the financial blockade will be further described, the Anonymous as a reaction to freezing the funding system of WL by major banks in America launched ¨Operation Payback¨ that took down the sites of WL's major opponents such as Visa or MasterCard (Ezekiel 10). The Anonymous group similarly claims that they defend the free speech and internet freedom. Despite the fact that mutual cooperation could have had significant impact, The Anonymous group withdrew their support of WL due to paywall placed on some files which forces people to pay first in order to get access to the files.

Wiki-Leaks has been releasing leaks since a year 2006 but the first large-scale project came in early 2010. Private Bradley Manning, one of the first widely known whistleblowers1 in modern history, representing a sublime idea of heroism and
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