The Rise of the Cognitive Perspective

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Rise of the Cognitive Perspective Throughout the history of modern psychology there has been no greater breakthrough than the development of the cognitive perspective. From the beginning of the late 1950 's, the cognitive perspective has dominated all other forms of psychology, but to better understand why this perspective rose so quickly one must first understand what it is. The cognitive perspective can best be described as a genre of psychology "concerned with how people acquire, store, transform, use and communicate information." Its rise in popularity and usage can be best attributed to four main historical and cultural factors: it was the first challenge to the learning perspective, the beginning of World War II, the computer and…show more content…
After it has been inputted , it goes to the brain to be processed, like the keyboard sends what is being typed to the computer itself to be dealt with. Finally, after the brain process the information, it tells the body what to do, the output; just like a computer starts to print. As the Information Process Model shows, the human mind works in exact correlation to the way a computer works, which is why it gained so much popularity; scientist were finally able to explain how the mind works into easy understandable terms. As stated before, the main approach to psychology by the learning perspective was that if we can 't see it we can 't measure it." But this was about to change with the development of brain scan technology. With this device scientist and psychologist alike were at last able to see and measure which parts of the brain were working while information was processed. It provided psychologist with the ability to actually see the physiological process within the brain which are related with Cognition. For instance, if they gave a person a set of pictures to look at while having the device being placed on them, they would be able to see that the back of the cerebrum was the area in the brain which was used to process the images. This finally gave them an idea of what part of the brain was being used as different types of information were being processed. This even more proved that humans are actually information processors rather the just
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