The Rising Concern Of Youth Unemployment

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Often times, the experiences an individual goes through in life influences one’s future path. In an effort to ensure young people in society are adequately equipped with the means necessary to hold a stable, well-paying job, education becomes the main focus. For many individuals, however, schooling may become second on the priority list to a job as the finances needed to attend school become apparent, and adds to other financial burdens that also exist in a youth’s life. Even though unemployment is found across the globe and is affecting people of all ages, the fact of the matter is that the new generation looking for jobs are those that have the most trouble finding work; ultimately, youth unemployment is a rising concern that may lead to social unrest, economic issues, and personal health problems. Youth unemployment is the cause of many negative factors contributing to uneducated adults and the lack of a stable community, and, because of this, changed must be made in order to make things easier on youth that are trying to pursue a career of choice, make a stable income, and get further educated outside of high school. There are many factors that contribute to the growing youth unemployment. Such factors include: issues with the economy, a mismatch, or lack of, skill and qualification in what a person of youth has or has not learned, and even self-motivation. These external realities may cause an uprise of unemployment in the newer working generation. The leading role in
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