The Rising Cost Of College Tuition And Student Debt

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II. ii. Boundaries. What other values—social custom, laws, institutions—must not be harmed in attempting to solve this problem? The rising cost of college tuition and student debt is a necessary evil. Many students will gladly undertake the burden of having debt in order to attain what they seek the most, a college degree. A college degree is a prestigious accomplishment; a testament to a student’s iron will. It stands as a symbolic achievement, carrying the hopes and dreams of the families who didn’t have the opportunity to continue their education. Even if the United States manages to implement free college tuition and eliminate student debt, the value of a degree shouldn’t be undervalued. III. Suggestion of a Possible Solution The Student Debt Crisis is a pressing issue. With the debt totaling approximately $1.2 trillion, a solution must be found; or else the numbers will continue to grow. There are a few possible solutions that can alleviate the problem. a. Increase the amount of Federal Assistance with the expansion of the Pell Grant. i. Nature— In its current form, the Pell Grant is for any prospective college student. However, the amount of money available for the student depends on their financial needs. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the maximum granted within one year is $5,815 and is usually offered to households that make under $50,000/year. Most of the Pell Grant, however, is awarded to households that make under $20,000/year. If we expand the

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