The Rising Cost Of College Tuition

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Since the inception of the new millennium children, teens, and young adults have been adapting to an abundance of new technology, education, and forms of government. There is no more time to be a child in today’s era it’s all about molding you into an adult as fast as possible. Millennial young adults face more obstacles than any other generation since the modern era. America is changing at a fast rate and is putting pressure on the coming young adults to become adults. Young adults now are facing many challenges like poverty, homelessness, and drugs. But millennial young adults are also very unique, they find ways to make money through new technology platforms, and are the most educated generation of all time. Young adults are experience a higher level of poverty than any other age group. Young adults have been suffering greatly due to the rising cost of education and living. The cost of college tuition makes it even harder for them to achieve financial assistance. The amount of student loans debt in America is roughly around one point eight trillion dollars. Factors like the minimum wage also make it harder for young adults to be able to sustain themselves and go to school, because if they cannot pay for school then they are not going to attend school. Employment earnings are also discouraging students from attending college. In the seventies people were able to work a job and make enough money to pay for your tuition. Young adults in the new millennium now face the
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