The Rising Cost Of Education

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Sally and Joe just graduated in a humanities field, they have been streamlined to this one cornerstone of a goal since they were just out of the gate in kindergarten. Promised a degree would be their golden ticket the chocolate factory that is a better future, they have no choice to believe the common pushed rhetoric. Sadly, neither have any luck finding their goal career and settle for a low-pay no education required job. To no avail they attempt to chase their dreams, meanwhile their demon laches to their back and drags them down with every step they take to better themselves. This demon is the problem, the problem being the ever lingering cost of education. There is hardly a topic that nearly every demographic experiences such that as…show more content…
Assisting students has only proven to boost Germany’s budget. Germany has a steadily decreasing debt-GDP ratio over the past 5 years, decreasing from 79% in 2012 to 70% in 2017. This means that the debt the country has only amounts to 70% of all the goods and services Germany produces. This compared to the United States which is resting at around 104%, so the United States owes more than its worth. This all goes to show Germany is pretty well off and it is safe to say so are the students who are not having to pay for their higher education. Is higher education honestly worth the tax dollars though? It is undeniable that higher education goes hand-and-hand of that with a better society. With lower education showing correlations to poor health (Winkleby). This is largely due to the stress of economic pressures from the result of lower paying jobs without college degrees, plus the lower quality food that is necessary for those in lower income brackets, relying heavily on fast food and other unhealthy alternatives. Higher crime rate is also associated with lower education (Gonzalez). Gonzalez found in a study that with higher education comes a greatly reduced crime rate. She found this in an area where there was recently an uptick in 5% more college graduates recently, shortly after this change there
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