Essay about The Rising Cost of Fossil Fuels

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Currently, Americans are becoming more aware of the changes to the environment that have been taken place over the past 200 years. Storms are becoming stronger, seasons are being coming harder to compare in the similarities of the past and the many aspects of different eco-structures are starting to die off with direct relations from use of burning fossil fuels. Americans are also looking for new ways to save move. Over the past 30 years, rising cost of fuel as forced many people to reconsider current and future financial plans. What type of vehicle to drive, possible carpooling plans, even acceptance of new jobs based on the logistics of their current home and as well as the finding of a new home based on current employment. With these…show more content…
Two highly competing possible replacement are solar energy for consumer household use Red (2012) and hydrogen fuel cells for automotive applications Efficient Mileage (2009). These two are held high due to the fact of its energy input vs output and its effect on the environment. Both offer several different methods of energy farming and as well as performance its usage. When we take a look at fossil fuels, there are many other drawbacks to its usage other than the fact it is a depleting substance, there are also the environmental damages that result from the consumption of fossil fuels. One byproduct of burning fossil fuels is the release of efficient gasses that creates the greenhouse effect. In Bernard L Cohen’s book ”The Nuclear Energy Option” The greenhouse effect is caused by molecules in the earth’s atmosphere absorbing and reemitting infrared radiation. The more fuel burned by fossil fuels causes more carbon dioxide (CO2) to be released into the atmosphere which in turn allows for more radiation to be absorbed and redirected back towards the earth. These changes to temperature cause our ice caps to melt, ocean temperatures to rise and decreased agricultural output to be diminished. The outcome of these results affects the countries people directly. According to Cohen (2012), when the ice caps

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