The Rising Costs of Healthcare in the United States of America

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Sherry Glied approaches one of the most critical and stringent issues currently tormenting the United States of America the rising cost of health care. The problem has represented a focal point on the agenda of virtually all political programs, but a solution has yet to be successfully implemented. The reasons as to why a solution is so difficult to find is pegged to the complexity of the problem itself, in the meaning that the causes of the rising health care costs are numerous and intricate. Sherry Glied assessed the causes of rising health care costs through the lenses of time frames. Specifically, she identified:
Causes for the rising costs of health care in the short term
Causes for the rising costs of health care in the medium term, and
Causes for the rising cost of health care in the long term.

2. Health care costs in the short term An important reason causing the surge in health care costs within the short term is represented by the sharing of costs, which was initially created to balance the system. Nevertheless, it restricted the access to health care of several population categories, and was highly immoral. Additionally, it was intended to create cost and operational efficiencies in the health care system, but this objective was not attained either. Another noteworthy cause of high health care costs is represented by the low level of efficiency within the medical sector, which decreases the…
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