The Rising Issue Of Childhood Obesity

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This paper will explore and discuss the rising issue of childhood obesity by using published books and articles. I will explore five different factors that correlate to possible beliefs of childhood obesity. The factors that I will discuss include: parenting, education, technology, marketing, and the Fat-Gene theory. There has not been one specific cause to childhood obesity but there are underlying effects that can be harmful to children from 2-19 years of age. The effects of obesity in children and adolescence can cause mental, social, physical, and health-related issue throughout their life span. How can society help minimize the rise of childhood obesity?

If everyone believed that they were healthy and in shape those terms would have many interpretations. There are many notions of how much we should weigh by our own perception and guidelines put in place by experts within society. The issues that we are faced with in society have direct and indirect causes that could negatively affect our future. Obesity has been on the rise for more than three decades and the numbers do not seem to be declining. There are many views to be discussed about obesity, but one that should be at high alarm in society involves our children. Our young generation and generations to come are at risk of expanding this obesity epidemic if we do not educate ourselves and get a grip on things.
According to Webster (2016), obesity is defined as a condition…
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