The Rising Levels Of Stress

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In this research proposal we will be looking at the soaring levels of stress founds within the teaching profession because of the adequate amount of workloads put on teachers and the possible outcomes of so much pressure causing the teachers to quit the sector. According to a government 's Workload Challenge survey in February 2015 (, the quantity of marking, the amount of time spent recording data and bureaucracy were highlighted as the worst causes of stress in teachers.
1. Aim of the research
The aim of the research is to look at the various ways how workload could be reduced on female teachers proper training could be provided which would result in decreased tension and longer stay of teachers in the profession.
2. Keywords
Occupational stress, Intention to leave, financial satisfaction, morale, managerial pressures, excessive workload.
3. Organisational background
Madni Institute is a small sized private secondary school for girls, in Slough, Berkshire. The school has 40 female students with 13 female staff members and a head teacher. The school has an external board of governors with 8 male members, who take all the necessary decisions. The school became operational in August 2011.
4. Reason for the choice of topic
Since the opening of Madni Institute till date, 18 teachers have left Madni Institute. This not only affected the flow of information to the pupils but affected the school as a whole. The managerial team and the Heads of Teaching and
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