The Rising Of A New Nurse Leader

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The Rising of a New Nurse leader Introduction The making of a nurse leader takes education, training, and experience. Whatever the personality trait of a professional nurse, this self-discovery will only be a means to aim in becoming a nurse leader. A professional nurse in leadership is one that is transformational, involved in a professional organization, a change agent, and has a high Emotional Intelligence to be able to manage a team. She is aware and knowledgeable of the inevitable changes occurring in the nursing field. She is highly capable in setting up strategies for conflict resolution and culturally competent with such capacity in achieving high performance in a diverse healthcare team. Most importantly, her leadership promotes…show more content…
Managed time leads to greater productivity and manageable stress. Moreover, a nurse leader should be an expert in what she does and a certification is an excellent objective measure of that knowledge worth acquiring by someone in nursing leadership role. She should also be aware of the political process in nursing in order to develop into a nurse leader who sets professional goals and influence others to do likewise. Knowledge of the nursing political process can elevate the nursing profession through proactive engagement in the legislative process making positive changes in the healthcare industry possible. Membership on local or national organizations is a platform for nurses to be in tuned of the current ethical, legal, & social issues related to health care. Involvement in the decision & policy-making process is not necessarily mean running for political offices, although possible, but a mere campaign support for someone whose objective is to benefit the nursing industry at large is undeniably advantageous for the nursing profession (Trosmman 2004). A Transformational Leader Professional nurses must deliver leadership with communication and collaborative skills, ethical and legal principles, integrity, and commitment to provide excellent quality patient care. True leadership is beyond the position of being a manager (Grossman & Valiga 2012). In transformational leadership, a nurse individualizes
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