The Rising Popularity Of Natural And Organic Foods

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Introduction The rising popularity of natural and organic foods has led to the success of Whole Foods Market. This $15.4 billion company has found its niche as “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store”. They provide a one of a kind shopping experience with knowledgeable and friendly employees, as well as the freshest and highest quality products available. History of Whole Foods After dropping out of the University of Texas in 1978, John Mackey and friend, Renee Lawson (Hardy) were able to borrow $45,000 from Mackey’s family to open a small health food store, Safe Way Natural Foods, in Austin, Texas. A few years later in 1980 they met Craig Weller and Mark Skiles, who owned the Clarksville Natural Grocery, they decided to merge their stores. Thus Whole Foods Markets was born. The first Whole Foods was hardly a small market. It was a 10,500 square foot supermarket with only nineteen employees. And although it wasn’t the first natural food supermarket, the threesome found instant success. Their stores not only included the typical natural food fare such as organic fruits and fresh baked bread from local bakeries, and selections of cheese, beer, wine, and coffee that went above and beyond what the regular grocery stores were carrying. (Whole Foods Market History) Over the next decade, the company began expanding its operations further into Texas and beyond. In 1986 Whole Foods made their first acquisition of Bluebonnet Natural Foods Grocery in Dallas, Texas. In 1988, they
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