The Rising Tide of Individuality: Facial Piercings Essay

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Individuality is becoming a rising tide and it is changing everything about life as we know it. People are starting to care less about conformity and the rules of society. They are starting to focus more on what it means to be free and also what it means to be an individual. Standing out and being different is a major part of individualism. Some people chose to stand out by being creative and doing creative things such as getting facial piercings, which are also known as body modifications. Body modification has been around for centuries, most people get either piercings or tattoos as a form of art expression. Piercings’ have evolved greatly, with new techniques such as the spectrum piercing which is a piercing of the…show more content…
Results concluded that nontraditional piercings are not appropriate and has a negative effect on the physicians’ character (2005). Method

Participants A total of 74 students participated in our study. All of the students attended Lasell College, their ages range from 18-25, male and female. The study took no longer than 10 minutes.
Six pictures of individuals were selected from Google images. Two of the images were a male and a female with no facial piercings. The other four images were both men and women with either a nose ring or a lip ring. A generic resume was generated by The social worker job description was found A series of questions were on a 1-7 likert scale was used to record the participants’ data. Examples of the survey questions are “How likely do you think this person is to be hired for this job?” “How likely do you think this person is to be hired for this job?” “Is this person professional”?
Participants were approached at random places all over the Lasell College campus and asked if they would take a quick survey. Each participant was shown a picture of a person either with or with a piercing and a copy of the resume and the social worker job description. Once the participant reviewed the items given to them they were asked to decide whether or not they would

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