The Risk And Opportunities At Mckesson Essay

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The report is being prepared with the aim of analyzing the risk and opportunities at McKesson. The HR practices are listed in this report to show the overall HR competitive position. The report analyses the various human resource aspects such as compensation and benefits as well as the industry and comparator competitive positions. Industry Competitive Position McKesson takes the term of keeping up with the joneses literally when it come to healthcare and advances in the practice of change. When it comes to hoe health care that industry can be quite competitive so McKesson uses up to date methods and systems to help incorporate the change. When using the home health evidence based practices it keeps McKesson ahead of the game with its competition when it comes to deliver models such as medical homes and accountable care. Although the U.S. has good hospitals and advanced medical equipment somehow they still rank number 33 in the global rankings for longevity along with Cuba. The evidence based practices bring about a high quality patient outcomes and controls rising cost. McKesson conducts annual reviews of their business expenses to identify any business expenses that have been trending upward. Along with this practice they also evaluate their compensation and benefit package in comparison to other companies within the industry. When conducting this evaluation there are clear cut question h hat have be looked at to be sure that they are on the right track below
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