The Risk Factors Associated With Hypertension Essay

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A cohort study (article 1) and case study (article 2) that focused on the risk factors associated with hypertension were selected to be compared and contrasted. The cohort study was the first article I was able to read and looked at the relation of several sociodemographic, behavioral, and biochemical parameters on the number of hypertensions incidence among the group of subjects from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (Ford & Cooper, 1991). The subjects were separated into four main groups being that of black males (n=231), white males (n=2,370), black females (n=523) and white females (n=3,949) with a combined subject number of 14,407 (ages 25-74 years old) with an average follow up of 10 years (Ford & Cooper, 1991). By design various subgroups of the total number of subjects completed different study components and questionnaires, which meant that not all of the information was available for each respondent. An example of this was given by the study, which stated that dietary data available was only available for 11,348 subjects, serum potassium and sodium data for only 3,059 participants, whereas serum magnesium data were available for all participants (Ford & Cooper, 1991). The study also looked at independent variables, which included age, income, education, body mass index etc. along with dietary sub-analysis and continues variables all shown in table 1 (Ford & Cooper, 1991). This study found that the predictors (body mass index and education) were
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