The Risk Factors Of An Patient Centered Care

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Subjective Assessment : A variety of factors can cause falls in older individuals, therefore it is important to determine what the risk factors are in order to provide patient-centered care. History of presenting compliant; Fall (s7) ‘Were you attempting to turn a corner?’ -Yes ‘Did you freeze and how often?’ -Yes,it happens when i try to turn a corner or get out of bed. ‘How often did you fell in the past six months?’ -5 times ‘How did you manage to get up?’ - With one assist John reported that he froze when attempting to turn a corner. He also clarified that it was his fifth fall after he froze in the past six months. Only mild injuries such as skin lacerations and bruises were found, however, John showed concerns of sustaining more…show more content…
He also added that the most beneficial intervention besides drugs was Taichi class. However, his knee pain has become a barrier from continuation. Patient reported 4/10 pain in both knees on the visual analogue scale (VAS). The past medical history of PD in John’s case includes intrinsic factors such as age-related decline in visual, vestibular, muscle and cognition function, neural disorder and adverse drug effects.3 Given the progressive nature of the disease, it is important to understand what type of Parkinson’s and what stage John was at as fall risks may increase in later stages. Therefore by asking questions as such help determine if the intrinsic factors led to the recent fall. Environmental factors (e2) ‘Was the ground slippery?’ -No ‘Did the accident happen in a daytime or dark at night?’ - Late afternoon ‘Was the ground uneven?’- No It was believed that the accident happened during late afternoon when John was walking on an even bitumen pavement. Overwhelming environmental hazards including inadequate lighting and slippery uneven surfaces can increase fall risk as it requires greater postural
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