The Risk Factors Of Iran

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Country Risk Analysis Omid Ashrafi Sep 06, 2014 City University of Seattle Abstract This paper is focused on main risk factors in Iran. The key point for this study is to explain current Iranian situation with analyze the main microelements factors such as broader risk, religious risk, political risk, economical risk, education risk and finally culture and language risk. At the end, this paper will provide a recommendation to all investors and companies CEOs, to have better overview and then as a result better business in the Iranian market. Iran Risk Analyses Iran geopolitical situation in Middle East region is one the main ideas for many companies and investors who are interested in investing in the Iranian market.…show more content…
Religion Risk Second, religious is other factor which is increase the risk for investors. According to Iran constitution law, Iran religious is Islam, Sharia. Therefore, all fundamental rules and regulations are based on Islamic rules. In addition, according to Mike (2013) Islamic rules state that all Iranian citizens have equal human, political, economic, social, and cultural rights; however, the government is trying to change the rules to make more benefit. For example, Iranian men can have four wife however, Iranian women can get married only once. Political Risk Third, political situation is one of the main factors for analysing the risk in Iran. In this particular case, all investor who wish to reach the Iranian market should analyse different political situation. This paper in this section is going to show different elements such as overview of current political situation, freedom of speech, internal and external forces to give an idea about current Iranian political situation. Iran political system overview. Iran has an Islamic Republic form of government. The Supreme Leader of Iran has the highest authority in Iran who makes all final decision in different segment like political, economy and social life for Iranian. Iran president is in the second level after supreme leader. President Rouhani who is the eleventh president of Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to make better relation with U.S and western countries. Freedom of speech. Freedom of
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