The Risk Factors Of Iran

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Country Risk Analysis
Omid Ashrafi
Sep 06, 2014
City University of Seattle

This paper is focused on main risk factors in Iran. The key point for this study is to explain current Iranian situation with analyze the main microelements factors such as broader risk, religious risk, political risk, economical risk, education risk and finally culture and language risk. At the end, this paper will provide a recommendation to all investors and companies CEOs, to have better overview and then as a result better business in the Iranian market.

Iran Risk Analyses

Iran geopolitical situation in Middle East region is one the main ideas for many companies and investors who are interested in investing in the Iranian market. Therefore, risk analyzing is one the keys to have a successful business. Iran as a biggest country in the region is located in Middle East at the south west of Asia; it has border with Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Iran is connected to free oceans and GCC countries by Persian Gulf from south. Although Iran is one the biggest market for investors, all company executives should have highly attention to different factors such as boarder risk, religious risk, Iran political risk, economy risk, and culture language.

Border Risk
First, geographical risk is one the important factors for any investors in Iranian market. According to Iranian news organization (2004), Iran has long border with Afghanistan…
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