The Risk Our Society Takes by Depending on the Use of Fossil Fuels

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What most people in our society lack to notice is how our country 's continuous use of fossil fuels is endangering to nature and the wildlife it inhabits as well as the environment that we live in. Our society seems to think that fossil fuels we use in excess today will last forever but actuality will one day be depleted to unrepairable measures, which is why we need a cleaner more environmentally friendly substitute. With that said my paper is going to underline how our society would be able to transfer from fossil fuels to cleaner energies which are beneficial to our earth and existence. There is a great understandable hunger for energy in the world. Increases uses of energy are strongly correlated with the gross domestic product …show more content…
Cleaner energies would be the target goal for the source of society 's energy. They also have their share of benefits and disadvantages. Aside from the fact that cleaner energies would do a world of help to the environment by reducing the amount of harmful gases that get trapped in the atmosphere which can reduce the greenhouse effect as well as the amount of forests being destroyed by acid rain. The most likely substitute for the fossil fuels would be hydrogen. When burned in air, its end products are water and some nitrogen oxides. These oxides, which are potentially pollutants, can be reduced to negligible levels with catalytic (speeds up reaction rate) heaters. So hydrogen would be the least polluting of all energy sources. The disadvantage we find with using hydrogen is that the storage would be a problem. It can be stored in several ways, none completely safe. With care hydrogen can be at least as safe as many other hazardous substances we use. It can be compressed and stored in tanks. It can be liquefied. It can be combined with some metal to form a chemical compound called hydride and then have the hydrogen release slightly by increasing the temperature. Portable tanks tend to be very heavy and awkward to handle but large community tanks can be used as they have been in the past for storing "town gas." Liquefying hydrogen and storing it requires expensive additional sophisticated cryogenic equipment: hydrogen liquefies at the
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