The Risks And Disadvantages Of Smoking

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There are too many people in society who decide to pick up smoking because it looks cool. They haven’t done any research as to the negative effects of such a habit. I’m here to provide them with all the information they need to make an informed decision. For my IB project I decided to do a presentation full of information about the risks and disadvantages of smoking. The information ranges from the cost of smoking, to the effects it can have on finding a significant other. The presentation is broken up into numerous slides. Each slide lays out a different effect smoking can have on your life, and gives you details and/or statistics about each effect. I chose this topic, because of the many family members I have had die, as a result of smoking. I also personally know people who have been impacted negatively due to their decision to pick up smoking. My Area of Interaction is, Health and Social Education. The Health and Social Education area deals with the issues involving physical and mental and health relationships with others. My project fits into this area of interaction almost seamlessly. Smoking affects your physical body and looks. It also can take a toll on your mental health and emotional status during times. The act of smoking is definitely an issue for maintaining relationships with others. Smoking will slowly destroy all aspects of life, including your overall health and well being. My Process Journal opens with: November 7th, I watched a few videos about
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