The Risks And Hazards Behind Fatigue And Stress

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Abstract The purpose with this research paper is to identify and understand the risks and hazards behind fatigue and stress that each flight attendant has experienced or still experiencing, due to lack of human factor improvements concerning, working schedule, time zone difference, pressure and stress due to fatigue. Nearly everyone in any work position can face fatigue at come point. Depending on the type of work and how much responsibility the employer has in the aviation industry, the stress level increases followed by the fatigue. Stress is defined as pressure that affects a person both physically and emotionally. The human body raises a challenge and preparing to face tough situations with focus and strength. The stress level is different from body to body and it also varies from time to time. However; fatigue is the description to lack of motivation and energy both physically and mentally, which causes a decrease in performance and alertness. Flight attendants job is one of many jobs in the aviation industry where it is very usual to experience stress as well as fatigue, that can reduce the ability of awareness of risks and hazards that may occur, later lead to major accidents or incidents. Crew resource management should be practiced by all personnel regularly and applied to improve safety, especially in such industry where many humans lives are involved daily. Aside from crew resource management, control is very important and should be applied as a human factor
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